Saturday, January 25, 2014

christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas.  It was definitely a change, because we were not close to family on Christmas and Christmas Eve.  But we made our own traditions, and then we spent time with family before and after Christmas.  Our friends invited us to their house on Christmas Eve for dinner and games. 
On Christmas morning we woke up about 7 and everyone was excited about what Santa brought them.  Rachel got some boots and clothes, Kyle got a gun, Kaitlyn got a rug and things to decorate in her room, Hannah got a tablet, Trevor got a remote control helicopter and a dart gun, Casen got a Hulk costume.  The kids also got a Wii, so we played that most of the day.  It was a fun relaxing day

Sunday, January 19, 2014

beyond 5 concert

Beyond 5 is a new boy band that the girls love.
We ate at the Brick Oven before the concert.
Hannah and her friend Savannah.

Waiting for the concert to start:

Kaitlyn and Ashlyn

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Happenings of the Hall family. {October-December 2013}

 We spent conference weekend in beautiful cache valley surrounded by our friends and family.  The kids had fun playing with cousins and raking leaves.  Trevor's friend hunter even came to play for a while!
 One of our favorite conference traditions is the Cinnamon twist usually made by grandma.  This year Jenn, Rachel and Kaitlyn stayed up late to make it:)

 Casen is loving his preschool class!

Katie(my sister) Eric & their family came to visit for a few days! We all had a blast!

Hannah & Annie:
 Fun at the park!
The girls got in our big bathtub in their swimming suits and had tons of fun! Whenever i went in to check on them they were laughing!

The next weekend my little sister Heather got married!

 Rachel went to Florida with Jenn and Brandon, Jennah, and Becca:)
 Trevor and Casen dressed up as Bumblebee and Iron Man
 Rachel and her best friend Hayley:)
 Sleepy girls

Casen loves the snow & his snow clothes! He puts them on whenever he can!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Casen is 4!!! {by Rachel}

 I can not believe Casen is 4!!! He is super excited to not be 3 anymore. He believes that now he if four he is capable of doing anything...well that and the fact that he is sure the avengers have come to him and given him super powers. :) anyways he is the cutest four year old I know and I am just so thankful he is my little brother.
He had a small birthday party on his birthday (the 18th of September) and Grandma Hall, Kelsie &; her girls, and some of our friends, the Poulsens came. 
Casen was spoiled with gifts and cake, and he absolutely loved that the whole evening was centered around him! Plus he got to see his cousin Alisa! He couldn't have been happier!:)

 I love that Alisa is more excited than Casen in this picture! so cute!

 Before Kyle gave Case his present he had to close his eyes. & i think he had a little help there.
 Kyle took the training wheels off Casen's bike!
 Casen and Hailey Poulsen

 you might not be able to tell from this picture but Casen loves his grandma and loved having her  at his birthday:)

~Rachel Mae:)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trevor has a baby goat.

Trevor got a goat last year for his birthday and on Kaitlyn's birthday (may 19) his goat had a baby.  Trevor thought very hard to decide on a name.  The name that they chose is Hayley.  

Trevor and Casen have both LOVED having this goat around, and it has become more of a pet than our dog! 

These pictures are so funny because they describe casen perfectly! he is very touchy and lovey. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Rachel Dance

kaitlyn cheer

This year I did competition cheer leading. It was super fun, especially because i was the flyer. I loved learning and trying new things all the time. I cant wait to start up again in the fall.
my team was really fun! there was 13 girls, i was the youngest.
Tessa, me, Taylor, justie, caycee, charlie, rhyan, Crista, and Haydn
only part of my team

Haydn, me, caycee, charlie,and justie after we won first place at a competition.

in the ending pyramid i did a back tuck in to a split.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas came WAY too fast this year! I love everything about Christmas, but most of all i love being with my family and seeing all my little brothers and sisters get so excited about everything:) 

On Christmas eve we played games and played in the snow. Trevor especially loved shoveling the snow many times throughout the day.  We also took around gifts to our neighbors, Hanna, as you can see wasn't very excited about this.    

That night we went to Great Grandma Hall's for the annual Christmas party there.  Casen slept for the first part and had a really hard time waking up after that. 

Even Grandpa couldn't get Casen to smile. 
But receiving a present put a smile on his face!
Kyle and Trevor both got Nerf guns. 

When we got home Trevor and I wrote a nice note to Santa and set it on the table with some brownies and a glass of milk.  It didn't last very long cause Casen kept eating them! And he only left a few crumbs for Santa to eat. 

Trevor did a great job of sprinkling out the reindeer food (thanks Jenn)

~~ Rachel Mae